22 mujeres que se negaron a seguir ciegamente los estándares de belleza y dejaron de teñir sus canas

Muchas todavía no estamos acostumbradas a ver las raíces grises del cabello en nuestra cabeza o en la de otra persona. Pensamos que es motivo de tristeza cuando vemos en el espejo los primeros pelos plateados.

Pero algunas mujeres de todo el mundo han dejado de luchar contra la naturaleza intentando ocultar sus canas. Se trata de chicas jóvenes y mujeres maduras que renuncian a teñirse el pelo, y cuentan sus historias para animar a quienes ya han experimentado el envejecimiento natural de su melena.

“Nunca me sentí avergonzada por mis canas. Por lo tanto, dejé de teñirme el cabello hace 9 años. Los estándares van cambiando, pero la belleza interior permanece contigo”

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9 years between these 2 pictures, 34 vs 43 years old! I used to love my shiny black dyed hair, I just hated having to color it every Friday afternoon, yes you heard well, E V E R Y S I N G L E F R I D A Y! Isn’t this insane? I was never self conscious about starting to have gray hair at a very early age… I always shared the fact with people, yet I did cover it! 🤔 sounds like a contradiction actually! I guess my environment and the pre established beauty norms were anchored in my brain and strong enough to not even let me consider the option to ditch the dye at all! We are blinded by stereotypes and labels based on appearance, but if we pay attention, if we stop for one second and think about it we realize that every culture, every country, even every time in history has its standards, and they are constantly changing! One thing that never changes though, one thing that is common to all cultures, throughout every century, is the inner beauty! We all love kindness, integrity and authenticity! Let’s focus more on feeling good with ourselves, and accepting one another as a whole! whether it is with dyed hair or not! And as a reminder… aging is also a privilege denied to so many… let’s be proud of our badass aging gracefully! ♥️ . . Thanks Kelly @silverhairandbretonstripes for encouraging me to post this! 🥰 #photooftheday #love #aginggracefully #instagood #instadaily #silversistersinternational #silvercon #greychella #graylove #silversisters2020 #silversisters #grombre #greyhairmovement #silverhair #greyhair #embracethegrey #embraceyourself #photography #greyhairdontcare #silverfox #naturalhair #silverpower #flyageless #ageisjustanumber #10yearchallenge #marinatrevijano

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“Anoche, una mujer se me acercó en el restaurante y dijo que mi ejemplo también la inspiró a dejarse crecer las canas”

“Es muy emocionante ver a las mujeres aceptar sus canas. Llevo las mías como medalla de plata del orgullo”

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A HUGE shout 😘 out to Sissela Johansson of @portraitsbysissela in Fairfield CT! OMG she knocked it out of the park with these amazing head shots for my new website launching soon! Do you have a fav? 1,2,3,4, or 5? . . Sissela is so kind and patient and passionate about her art. I knew immediately that she was listening to me as I described my thoughts on what I wanted to portray in these updated headshots. Being a woman in her 50's and embracing all that comes with that is sometimes a challenge. When I decided to go gray it was a commitment that I needed to see through. Aside from all the nasty chemicals I was exposing myself to on a bi- weekly basis, just loosing the color around my face was a huge adjustment and sometimes I shocked myself when I got a glimpse in the mirror 😱. I received some push back from family members and some friends, but in the end I made the right choice. 😉 So, when I learned that Sissela was also looking for silver haired 👩‍🦳 women for a personal project of her own, I jumped at the chance to sit in front of her lense! If you are a silver fox too you must reach out to Sissela as she is on the hunt for more real women who have embraced their natural hair color! It is a such a rewarding experience! Do it for yourself ageless beauties!!!! I know I have some brow clients from @jenniefresabeauty who I have encouraged to take the plunge and I get so excited to see women embrace their gray hair! I see it as a silver 🥈 medal of honor!!! 😍 Thank you also to Rachel Toussaint who did an amazing job on hair and makeup! What a treat for me to be seated in the beauty chair for a change! 😘 📷 @portraitsbysissela 💇‍♀️+💄@rachel_toussaint #headshots #lornamademeblushartistry #powerthroughportraits #portraitphotography #silverwomen #grombre #naturalmakeup #agelessbeauty #aging #career #grandmothers #silverfox #nontoxicmakeup #chemicalfreehair #midlife #ageisjustanumber #stillfiguringitout #over50 #openlygray #greyhairdontcare

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“Me alegra que hoy en día haya cada vez más mujeres que ponen en duda las normas comunes y aceptan su belleza natural”

“Ahora amo mi cabello gris y no creo que me haga parecer vieja. Tengo la posibilidad de elegir entre muchos colores, pero el gris es mi favorito absoluto”

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Today I love my grey hair. The color doesn’t make me look old. The wrinkles do. Yesterday I went to the salon to put an Olaplaex treatment on to bond my strands and to minimally tone the few old highlights I have left. I have many colors but the grey is my absolute favorite. Last night I was looking at all the colors with tunnel vision. When the grey is smooth and sleek it’s as good as any color I could pick but BETTER. It is what is intended for me. As for the wrinkles, I like them too just not as much as the grey but I have earned all of them. My years have been blessed, interesting, difficult and even horrible at times but purposeful. I will not erase where I have come from but rather embrace and triumph over all of it. What can’t be cured with creams and magic wands will have to shine too. As for the future, bring it on✨ #wednesdaywisdom #proaging #silversisters #silversister #silversistersinternational #silversisters2020 #grombre #silverhairdontcare #ditchthedye #greyhair #silverhair #canas #pelogris #cheveuxgris #over50 #freethesilver #embracethegrey #gogrombre #greyisthenewblonde #grayhairdontcare #greytransition #grayhairmovement #goinggreygracefully #greyhairjourney #cottonhairedwomen #saltandpepperhair #goinggray #greyonpurpose #silvervixen #greyisthenewblack

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“No importa lo que hagas, siempre habrá quienes te juzgarán. Así que acéptalo y toma la decisión que consideras correcta”

“¡Sí! ¡Soy plateada y feliz!”

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. Yesss!!! I am silver, and I am free!!! 👩🏼‍🦳 ::::::: ::::::: ✳️✨✳️✳️✨✳️✨✨✳️✨✨✳️✨✳️✳️✳️✨✳️✨✨✳️✨✨✨✳️✨✳️✨✳️✳️✳️✨✨✳️✨✳️✨✨✨✳️✨✳️ ::::::: ::::::: #classywomen #happyness #bestager #bestagermodel #nature #tyyli #over50 #maturewomen #flowers #agelessbeauty #desigual #ageisjustanumber #fabulously_chic_over_50 #50andfit #silverhair #over50andfeelinggreat #over50styleblogger #over50plus #latina #classyandfabulous #fabulousover50 #shorthairstyles #fabulousoverfifty #fashionoverfifty #styleover50 #fiftyandfabulous #confidentwomen #fabover50 #ageinggracefully #lasde50tambiensomosfashion

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“Permítanme repetir para aquellos que no oyen. El gris es color, no edad”

“La madre naturaleza sabe lo que está haciendo”

“Mientras mi cabello se aclaraba, con cada centímetro de canas parecía volverme más clara por dentro”

“En el mundo, hay demasiadas reglas sobre cómo deben envejecer las mujeres. Ahora estas reglas finalmente están cambiando”

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For the past two days, I’ve been thinking about @jd904 post where someone DM’ed her with the word “vanity.” You see, she posts predominantly head shots of her hair transitioning to grey, and may I say, she looks phenomenal. I think the reason this DM bugs me so much is that it plays into the cultural stereotypes that as women age we should fade off into the background. We shouldn’t embrace our unique style, confidence, and dare I say, a few wrinkles. But I believe accounts like @jd904 celebrate just that. So come on ladies, let’s honor each other’s uniqueness and support each other as we age and continually discover what we love and who we are. 🎉🎉🎉 #beauthenticallyyou #silversisters #freethesilver #aginggracefully #over50 #over50andfabulous #greyhairdontcare #greyhairtransition

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“¿Cabello gris? No me importa”

“Me tomó mucho tiempo comenzar a amar mi cabello. Es delgado, de colores desiguales y ondulado en algunos lugares, pero hoy en día me encantan todos los mechones”

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What's that saying? Open heart, big fucking fence. Yea, that one. Here's the thing, this space right here will always be open to all. I love this community and I love seeing more and more people waking up to the fact that alcohol is not a necessity. No reason for quitting is better than another. A non-drinker is not better than a drinker. And my writing or position on sobriety is not the end all be all, not even close. There are so many opinions and thoughts and ideas around drinking and not drinking and considering options and these conversations are such a big, beautiful thing. But if I was afraid of upsetting people or having people misunderstand me, I would never speak or write. So this is the risk I openly accept and I will continue doing so. Again, differing perspectives and opinions (respectful ones) will always be welcomed here. That's how we grow. #openheartbigfuckingfence

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“Rechazar el tinte para el cabello no es una obligación, sino una elección. Pero si te das la oportunidad de amarte a ti misma, tu mundo cambiará ”

“Me molesta cuando la gente considera que las canas son cabello viejo. Tenía nada más 15 años cuando me salieron mis primeras canas. Y no te hacen pasar por una vieja, te ves natural y hermosa”


“Con el pelo negro era hermosa, pero ahora me veo mucho más interesante”

“¡Rompe las reglas!”

“Me siento liberada, confiada y real desde que crucé la línea del miedo al cabello gris. Me siento muy bien aquí en el otro lado”

“Estoy empezando a enamorarme de la chica en el espejo. A los pocos meses, comenzó a volver a su belleza natural”

“Disfruto del emocionante viaje de mi cabello hacia su color natural”

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Jamen halløj der! Jeg ved, I elsker de her liggende se lige mig og mit åh, så vilde hår-billeder (well, jeg ved også, at nogle af jer hader dem lidt, og det er I sådan set velkommen til) – sagen er bare, at jeg er pænest liggende (det, der ellers hænger, falder på plads i ungdommens fine folder, og det kan være lidt af en selvtillidsbooster på sådan en fredag). Og at jeg godt kan lide at ligge ned. Og så er det også den eneste måde, jeg kan få det fulde overblik over hårets spændende rejse (undskyld) på. Jakob tog det den anden dag (er det ikke noget med, at det er mere legit end en selfie, selv om motivet er det samme eller…? Sådan har jeg i hvert fald forstået det), og jeg kan li’, at det er blåt, gråt og ret fresh! Præcis ligesom jeg har det i dag, måske minus fresh, men det kommer op ad dagen 👋🏽💙 Go’ weekend! Den blir’ vild – og tjek lige vejret! 🙌🏽 #grombre #goinggrey #silverhair #silversisters

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“Día tras día, veo cómo me salen cada vez más canas en la cabeza. Y espero servir de inspiración para alguien”

Y tú, ¿cómo te sientes acerca de las canas?